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Uppsala, Sweden - 10 year reunion with the Ida's from high school. I travel to Uppsala Sweden to see what they're up to. Picture perfect town that gives you the feeling like you're in a snow globe. Visit the viking king graves outside the city for a quiet stroll.

Tartu, Estonia - After that I hoped on a Ryanair flight to Estonia to see Ülo for Bill's honorary degree at the University of Tartu. Fantastic campus town with tons of spirit. Hit up the Gunpowder Cellar while you're there.

Stockholm, Sweden - Finally I fly back to see Morten and Kiki in Stockholm for a delicious text book Christmas dinner. Reuniting with their friends from their wedding back in Hungary the previous year. Take a walk through Gamla stan although touristy it's well worth it.

Uppsala, Sweden

Tartu, Estonia

Stockholm, Sweden

Transportation Map

I got to see a lot of the Arlanda airport on this trip and I'd advise not to fly as much as this in a trip. You're wasting a lot of time waiting at gates. However it was the only way it would work out ,scheduling wise, for this trip.Flew into Stockholm with Delta and took the train to Uppsala for 3 days. Trained back to Arlanda Airport to fly out to Tallinn and then drive to Tartu for 2 days. I hopped on a bus to take me back to Tallinn and then flew back to Arlanda to train to Stockholm. Finished up the trip training back to Arlanda to fly out on Delta.