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My One Bag Story

I've been travelling for the past 18 months as a one bagger and I'm creating, what I believe to be, the best travel backpack for one bag travellers.

The bigger vision behind the brand is to introduce a wide variety of products geared towards fellow one bag travellers to make it easier to plan your perfect one bag.

I found that when I was planning my one bag setup, I ran into lots of issues finding the perfect items that factored in size, weight and functionality into their design.

Often times I’d find an incredible product but there was 1 or 2 things that could have been improved for the one bagger and that’s really what I aim to do with this brand. Create products specifically with the one bagger in mind. And as a fellow one bagger myself, I plan to create the best quality products that I will use myself.

Basically, I want to create the perfect products for one baggers to make it easier for people to one bag and not only one bag but have their dream one-bag setup.

I want this brand to be more like a family so please feel free to join the Facebook Group here or email/message me directly any ideas you have.

Let’s create the perfect one-bag products together!

Happy travels,


Company Roadmap

November 2023

Custom Travel Backpack Expected Launch Date

Early 2024

We want to introduce a merino clothing line, travel duffle and other one bag accessories like travel towels.


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