Downsizing - I've owned multiple bags over the years from a large 54L eBag Weekender Mother Lode with multiple compartments, down to my current single compartment Patagonia Arbor 20L bag. This bag might not be for everyone but I would advise if you take anything away from this site, it's getting your current bag down a few liters. Two major things I like about the Arbor 20L is the full front loading zip which allows access to everything at once and it's one dedicated compartment which doesn't sacrifice any space with unneeded dividers and organizers.

The key to all of this is to keep your packing list to the bare essentials. I also expect to have my laundry run every 4-5 days which cuts down on the amount I need to bring with me. The other great thing about this bag is that unpacking takes seconds and then it's time to hit the city as it doubles as my city day and hiking bag.

  • 5x Shirts

  • 5x Under shirts

  • 1x Denim Jeans

  • 1x Trousers

  • 3x Boxers

  • 5x Socks

  • 1x Sweater

  • Compactable Rain Coat

  • Tooth brush, tooth paste, floss

  • Shaving cream/Razor/Deodorant

  • Phone charger

  • Plug converter

  • External Battery

  • Headphones

  • Camera

Packing for a weekend or five days, I tend to stick to the rolling method

You're able to see everything that is packed at a glance

The front loading zipper folds down to assist in packing

Finished packing with room to spare